The Happiness Factor

There are many things that you can do in life, and there are many different of businesses that you can choose to do.  So an important thing to take into consideration is what actually makes you happy.  When it comes to selling travel and vacation membership packages, you are talking about a product with a built-in “Happiness Factor.” 

So as you learn how to sell travel and vacation membership packages (and as you discover the benefits of doing so), you are also learning how to deliver to the marketplace a product that makes people happy.

Essentially, what we are talking about is a product that people purchase to extend the moments in their lives that make them happy. It is also an opportunity for you to do what makes you happy.

It’s the “happiness factor,” and, for most people, it is a very important factor in the equation that we call life.  Not every business has it, but this one sure does.

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